'The very essence of apathy is best epitomized by Brick Supply, Wakefields laziest band'

Clarkie, SLAG Fanzine  (1989)

They just strolled in, dumped their gear, and the guitarist (Tony Stuckey) started mouthing off at my regulars, but they soon did a runner when Fenner turned on em'.

Pauline, Landlady, Haddon Hall Bradford (1990)      

'I thought they were fairly average'

Peter Yates, Landlord, Post Haste (1990) 

'Brick Supply were a great band, good melodies, funny lyrics, and always a top live show. The best gig for me was when the stripper performed with em'.  

        Nige, Toby Jug, Doncaster  (1991) 

Its not commonly known, but Tat (the singer) has a phobia of peas (garden peas) and on a number of occasions this resulted in him having a stress reaction to being confronted with the little blighters.

Paul Choi (Nanking Chop Suey Bar, Cas)