Something to fall back on

The Unmentionables

When things fold up


Housewife to be

Hearty Crust

Bread and Butter

Instant Rebels

Electric Brae

Adverts for Sale

Steptoes Beans

Spanish Hotel in Britian

Roads & Pavements

Family Planning


Community Blade Song


Hessian Tongue

Burn ya bra

This is me

The Y that makes me anxious

In a mattress van

Spain in a truck

The Splash Cavern

Last motion switch

My beautiful kebab house

Grid of absense

The Changestaged

Stages of loss

Not so manic now

Furtive disclosure

My love my Beautiful swan

Think one

Bidding for a rope

Notions of mache

Acute bifocal torture

Semi personal asylum

Purely convenient now

Maybe i'm icarus

Removing Choices

The Coast Road

Knot a natural end

Time to enjoy

The Work between together


Living in Slow decay

Much better without

Such things happen

Four main causes of Twistpile friction

Duel purpose suitcase

The Whooplah song

Everybody's anybody

Episodic Failure

Inhuman Jungle

In Lockwed

Me on the inside

Move away

What's in a life

Inhuman jungle (Within these walls)

Mr Cageworthy

The Jordash song

Become the Becoming

In the Bubble of an urge

Happy to interplay

To die lonely

The Other matching shoe

Girl in my head

Mellow rage

Rivers and knives

Other way round

As Hard evenings slog

Voice of guidance

Non engaging people

Deliberately elizabeth

Me and this heart

Calculate the Times

Latest reconstruction

Into losing you

Stolen moments

Hammered with a classic line

Remains unchanged

The Rules of wine

Two described

Peter Files Progress

Therapy (Anadin for Cramp)

2 x unnamed instrumentals

Here are the Songs...
 recalled from memory and from Tony Wades Kardex  system (a series of hand scrawled cards with the song title, chords and keyboard settings) which Tony would swear by at every gig and help Dave remember the chords.
In no particular order: